Friday, May 15, 2009

I know I keep saying Mommysavers!!! But I absoulutly love learning new things from these girls. They have been doing it alot longer than me!!! But here is a couple of challenges I have done! They aren't great but I'm working on getting them there!

1st challenge was to create a Layout using stckers! I love stickers still so I liked doing this..

2nd challenge was to....sorry Jess I gotta copy...I want to see a card made with the following elements:1. two-color combo (white does not count unless you're doing a B&W card)2. some kind of hardware (eyelets, brads, charms, etc.)3. at least three layers (your card base counts as one)...Jess is awesome and this and the first challeng were hers!!!

3rd challenge I did was to use items you haven't used in awhile because you upgraded so to speak!

They are in the pics below but in backwards order.....LOL


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